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Floating platforms: the inexpensive, durable and sustainable solution

We offer modular floating platforms for all kinds of piers and bridges. We specialize in platforms for jet skis and boats.

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    Docks and bridges

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    Floating structures for work

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    Floating Docks

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    Floating platforms for jet skis

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    Floating platforms for boats

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    Floating pontoon

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    Floating piers

    Floating platforms for boats

    Our team of experts has extensive experience in assembling all types of floating platforms for docks, bridges, piers and all types of structures for boats.

    We have a large stock of parts and supplies for the assembly and maintenance of structures and floating platforms, which allows us to immediately fulfill all orders in Spain in 48 to 72 hours.

    We advise you on the best solution for your platform and we prepare a free estimate for you without any obligation.

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    Roller system

    The blocks system for floating platforms for boats is an additional aid when docking and launching your boat.

    The modular structure, with the reinforcement of removable rollers specially designed for this function, provide additional support, as well as an improvement in the movement capacity and stability of the ship on the platform.

    V-cube system

    The V-block system of floating platforms for boats facilitates the launching and docking of the boat, and thanks to its design, it helps to distribute its weight evenly, avoiding excessive weight being exerted on specific points of the structure.

    This dry dock system protects the hull of the boat, reducing maintenance costs by avoiding the accumulation of shells, algae and other marine vegetation, without the need to apply antifouling or other products to protect it.

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    Platforms for jet skis

    Get the most out of mooring your jet ski using the floating platforms for jet skis.

    • hey facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of your jet ski
    • Take advantage of 100% of your docking space
    • Extend the life of your boat
    • Save on maintenance

    Roller system

    The roller system of our blocks for mooring jet skis, facilitates their launching and docking, while providing stability to the boat when it remains on dry dock.

    The removable rollers of our blocks, help with the sliding during the maneuvers, ensuring that at no time can there be any scratches or damage to the motorcycle helmet.

    Thanks to their special design, they are easy to assemble and disassemble, and do not require any special maintenance.

    9-2-1024x768 Floating platforms
    1-1024x768 Floating platforms

    V-cube system

    The V-cube system of our floating platforms for jet skis is specifically designed to extend the life of your jet ski.

    This water platform system reduces maintenance costs, keeping your boat dry and clean without the need to apply protectors or constantly cleaning it.

    Its special design gives it exceptional hardiness and resistance, while the materials used protect and maintain the helmet of your jet ski in perfect conditions.

    Advantages of our floating platforms


    Resistant to UV rays, corrosion, sea water and chemicals, our platforms are built to last more than 20 years.


    Designed and developed to offer maximum safety to boats and their users, they have comfortable and safe anti-slip surfaces.


    Our floating platforms offer best quality construction, materials and service at the best market price.

    No maintenance

    Our products are designed to be installed and enjoyed. They do not require any type of periodic maintenance or specific care.


    All our products pass rigorous examinations, controls and quality tests and are ISO 9001 certified.


    Customize your floating platform according to your tastes and needs. Our product is completely modular and configurable.
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