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Docks and bridges: practical, inexpensive and resistant

Resistant, durable, eco-friendly structures with a useful life of 20 years that allow significant savings compared to any other system.

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    Docks and bridges

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    The installation of a traditional bridge or pier can be a complex and expensive project, with high maintenance costs.

    However, our docks and floating bridges are:

    • Quick and easy to install.
    • Fully modular.
    • We deliver anywhere in Spain in less than 72 hours.


    Manufactured with the best raw materials, the manufacture is carried out by blowing a single piece, without joints, extending their durability and avoiding possible problems with joints that could weaken them.

    Once installed, no maintenance or inspection is required, and their useful life extends to over 20 years even in the most adverse conditions.

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    Basic parts

    Our structures are made up of small basic pieces, measuring 50 centimeters, which, once joined, form the floating structure. This system provides great modularity and enormous customization possibilities, making the most of the available areas.

    These modules are ideal for all types of floating structures, such as bridges, piers, work surfaces or floating pontoons.


    We have a wide catalog of accessories and complements in order to provide greater flexibility and customization possibilities and make the most of the workspace.

    On the other hand, our modules are designed to be compatible with other existing modular systems.


    Technical sheet for basic part

    • Dimensions: 50cm wide x 50cm long x 40cm high
    • Weight: 6.5 kg
    • Material: polyethylene
    • Buoyancy: 90kg
    • Colors: various shades of gray, blue and beige (other colors available upon request)

    Installation and assembly

    The structure is made up of small blocks 50 cm long and wide and 40 cm high, weighing less than 6.5 kg per piece, which makes them easy to install.

    1. Place the modules on a flat surface close to where they are to be installed
    2. Secure the modules at the corners following the assembly instructions.
    3. Connect the modules by inserting the pin all the way and secure it with the key by a 45º turn.
    4. Place the accessories, fenders and anchors.

    Advantages of floating docks and bridges


    Built with the best materials, thanks to the innovative manufacturing process, we have the best prices on the market.


    They do not disintegrate or pollute in any way and are 100% ecological and recyclable.

    Easy to assemble

    They do not require expensive installations or specialized mounting equipment. They can be assembled and disassembled without any specialized workforce.


    Anti-slip, comfortable and safe surfaces that do not sink when walking on them and offer great stability.

    Easy to handle

    The 50x50x40 cm blocks are light and easily stackable, which makes them easy to transport, store and assemble, in different configurations according to your needs.

    No maintenance

    With a useful life of more than 20 years, they do not require any type of periodic maintenance. They are resistant to corrosion and chemicals.
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