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Floating Docks: modular and fully customizable

100% modular and fully customizable docks and floating structures. Built with the most modern materials to offer resistance and durability with reduced installation and maintenance costs.

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    Floating Docks

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    Maximum customization

    The polyethylene cubes that make up the base of our docks are light and hence easy to transport and store and quick to install, which allows great flexibility when developing any type of floating structures.

    Our docks allow all kinds of designs thanks to their modular structure, maximizing the use of the available space and offering a stable and safe structure.


    Our floating docks are made up of a modular structure of cubes made with the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing processes.

    Its special design and configuration offer great buoyancy and stability, which makes the structure of the floating dock a comfortable and safe surface for any type of project

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    Basic parts

    Our structures are made up of small basic pieces, measuring 50 centimeters, which, once joined, form the floating structure. This system provides great modularity and enormous customization possibilities, making the most of the available areas.

    These modules are ideal for all types of floating structures, such as bridges, piers, work surfaces or floating pontoons.


    We have a wide catalog of accessories and complements in order to provide greater flexibility and customization possibilities and make the most of the workspace.

    On the other hand, our modules are designed to be compatible with other existing modular systems.


    Technical sheet for basic part

    • Dimensions: 50cm wide x 50cm long x 40cm high
    • Weight: 6.5 kg
    • Material: polyethylene
    • Buoyancy: 90kg
    • Colors: various shades of gray, blue and beige (other colors available upon request)

    Installation and assembly

    The structure is made up of small blocks 50 cm long and wide and 40 cm high, weighing less than 6.5 kg per piece, which makes them easy to install.

    1. Place the modules on a flat surface close to where they are to be installed
    2. Secure the modules at the corners following the assembly instructions.
    3. Connect the modules by inserting the pin all the way and secure it with the key by a 45º turn.
    4. Place the accessories, fenders and anchors.

    Advantages of floating docks


    Thanks to their great buoyancy and stability, they offer a comfortable and safe surface for users.


    The floating docks have all kinds of safety elements and accessories such as railings, protectors and access ladders.


    Manufactured from a single piece of polyethylene, they are available as a standard in various shades of gray, blue and beige, but can be manufactured in other colors upon request.

    Easy assembly

    Our floating docks are made up of pieces or cubes of 50x50c40cm weighing no more than 6.5kg. They can be assembled, stored and transported without any specialized workforce.


    Despite being manufactured with high quality components, our structures have the most affordable prices on the market.


    Our structures can be assembled and disassembled with great ease. Their modularity allows the optimal use of the available space according to your momentary needs.
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